How to Play Multiplayer Games – No Man’s Sky Next

No Man’s Sky is a game that has received a lot of updates since its initial debut — enough to earn the game the Shacknews Award for Best Comeback of 2017. Though several tweaks and changes have been implemented, all of the previous updates pale in comparison to the latest Next update, which notably includes the option for fans to engage in multiplayer gameplay. This is an all-new addition to No Man’s Sky, so it’s understandable if some players don’t know how to join or host multiplayer games. Fortunately, we know exactly how it works, so continue reading to learn how to join and host multiplayer games in No Man’s Sky Next.

How to Host a Multiplayer Game in No Man’s Sky Next

Starting up a new multiplayer game in No Man’s Sky next is a fairly straightforward procedure, though there are some steps players will want to familiarize themselves with. The first step involves selecting to either start an old save or join a friend’s save from the title screen.

No Man’s Sky Next host/join multiplayer options. Credit via Prima Games

Hosting a game mainly involves the primary player selecting his or her own save file, then loading it up. At that point, anyone on that player’s friends list will be able to join the game at will, and will typically spawn in the server somewhere close to the primary player’s location.

How to Join a Multiplayer Game in No Man’s Sky Next

The process for joining a multiplayer game in No Man’s Sky Next involves a few more steps than hosting a multiplayer game. First, from the title screen, choose the option that says Join Game. At that point, the game will load a list of all the player’s friends as well as an option to join a random multiplayer game. Select which ever option seems best, then choose a save file to load into the game.

There’s one particular caveat for players trying to join another player’s game: the joining player’s save file must match the game mode of the hosting player’s save file — this is simply so that players can’t use Creative mode save files in Survival games.

Once the host game and save file has been selected, the game will load the joining player into the host’s game, spawning the joining player somewhere close to the host and/or other players. From there, they’ll be able to explore and craft to their hearts’ content.

The No Man’s Sky Next update includes way more than the option for players to host or join multiplayer games. To learn more about Hello Games’ open-universe adventure and its latest features, be sure to head over to Shacknews’ No Man’s Sky home page.

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‘Baby Hands’ Lets Players Revisit (Destructive) Babyhood In VR


Babies get into everything. Everything. There are gates, covers, sealers, and more when it comes to babyproofing a home, but tiny humans are more than capable of getting around them all. As such, Baby Hands wants players to take the seat of a curious ankle-biter and get their hands on everything, causing pint-sized mayhem. Using VR, you’ll feel quite small within these gargantuan rooms full of things to grab at and throw around. Just try not to give your parents a headache. Or do it. I’m not your mom.

Baby Hands gives you a variety of places to crawl around in and things to interact with, offering tons of stuff to do and see. From the perspective of a chubby-handed baby, you’ll be able to set off volcanoes, play with cars, shoot a water gun, the list goes on and on. Baby Hands is all about discovery and imagination, and with no clear objective, you’re free to enjoy this sandbox world and stumble upon whatever fun you find, destructive or creative.

You may even discover your inner child (or baby!). Just try not to put everything in your mouth. You don’t know where it’s been.

You can find Baby Hands on Steam here. You can also check out the developer’s official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Video Explores Giant Hub of Paititi

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is shaping up to be Lara Croft’s biggest adventure to date. And I do mean that in a physical sense, because simply judging by the hub world, there is going to be a lot to explore. Readers can take my word for it, going to back to our pre-E3 hands-on preview, but earlier this week, Square Enix gave Tomb Raider fans a chance to look at Paititi for themselves.

This near-ten minute video illustrates everything that Paititi has to offer. This includes challenge tombs, murals that increase her archaeological proficiency, merchants, and a multitude of denizens. All of Paititi’s people go about their own routines and have their own lore or side missions that they can offer Lara.

Check out the video above for more on Paititi and then revisit our pre-E3 interview with Eidos Montreal Lead Level Designer Arne Oehme for a little more on the Tomb Raider franchise’s biggest hub world to date.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 14.

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The Most Important TV Sitcoms

These sitcoms are important because they either influenced a generation’s culture or because they permanently influenced the art of television. These sitcoms are important because they either influenced a generation’s culture or because they permanently influenced the art of television. What makes a sitcom particularly important? Because over the decades, the shows listed here are groundbreaking comedy programs.

From the early days of the American sitcom (‘I Love Lucy,’ ‘Leave it To Beaver’) to the genius animation of ‘The Simpsons,’ each monumental comedy TV show listed here is important in the annals of television history. Many are also considered among the greatest sitcoms in television history, not surprisingly.

No list of the most important TV sitcoms would be complete without some of the domestic comedies of the 1940s and 1950s, including ‘The Honeymooners’ and, later, ‘I Love Lucy.’ In the 60s, sitcom families expanded to include extended and blended families (‘The Brady Bunch’) and then, in the 1970s, things really got interested, with ‘All in the Family.’ Enter the totally dysfunctional family!

Sitcoms were everywhere in the 1980s, with such influential programs as ‘The Cosby Show,’ ‘Cheers’ and, beginning in 1989, ‘Seinfeld.’ Which sitcom do you think is the most influential of all time? Cast your votes and certainly add any TV comedy shows that are missing.
The Most Important TV Sitcoms
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H1Z1: Battle Royale Exits PS4 Beta in August

It hasn’t been that long since H1Z1: Battle Royale went into open beta on PlayStation 4. But Daybreak appears to be satisfied with what they’ve seen, because they now look to be on the fast track to full release.

On Thursday, Daybreak announced that the PS4 version of its battle royale shooter is ready to exit beta in August. To celebrate, PS4 players can pick up the new RPG and SOCOM Sniper Rifle weapons. Those looking to travel the map in style can now find the new ARV vehicle, which can fit an entire five-person squad and also provide room along the top for one person to shoot any nearby hostiles.

Battle Pass Season 1 will become available at launch, with different reward lines for free players, premium players, and PlayStation Plus users. The premium line will be made available for $5.49. The Viper Starter and Hardline Deluxe bundles will also be made available for purchase for $34.99.

More information on H1Z1: Battle Royale 1.0 can be found on PlayStation.Blog. Those looking for even more on this game can also check out Blake Morse’s interview with Daybreak’s Tony Morton from prior to the beta’s release. H1Z1: Battle Royale will officially launch on PS4 on August 7.

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All Status Effects and Buffs – Octopath Traveler

As is the old-school JRPG tradition, the battle system in Octopath Traveler includes a number of powerful buffs and debilitating status effects that can either bolster or drastically hinder the party’s overall efficacy in combat. Mastering the battle system in Octopath Traveler involves understanding each of these status effects and buffs, including what effect they’ll have on heroes as well as the different icons that represent each status effect. Keep reading to learn about all the different buffs and status effects in Octopath Traveler.

Status Effects and Buffs in Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler features seven different status effects and eight different attribute buffs, all of which areoutlined in the table below. For convenience, we’ve also included images of each buff and status effect’s in-game icon so that players can identify which skills and spells are affecting their heroes and foes in battle.

Name: Icon: Effect:

Accuracy of physical attacks decreased

Actions decided at random until hit by an attack

Suffer damage after performing an action

Unable to use skills

Cannot perform any actions until hit by an attack

Unable to boost

Unable to perform any actions

Increase/decrease to Physical Attack

Increase/decrease to Physical Defense

Increase/decrease to Elemental Attack

Increase/decrease to Elemental Defense

Increase/decrease to Accuracy

Increase/decrease to Critical

Increase/decrease to Evasion

Increase/decrease to Speed

Players should note that using Boost Points to boost status effect- and buff-inflicting skills and spells will not increase the potency of the status effect or buff; instead, it will simply extend its duration by a number of turns based on the number of Boost Points used. However, this does not apply to status effects or buffs applied from using Bewildering Grace, as boosting that particular skill instead increases the number of times Bewildering Grace is played.

There’s a lot more to Octopath Traveler’s combat system, and players who want to make the most out of their parties would do well to check out our guides on how to choose the best sub jobs as well as our expansive coverage of all core job classes and skills and all advanced jobs and skills in Octopath Traveler. For other great coverage, including all shrine locations, boss strategies, and miscellaneous trivia, be sure to stop by our Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub.

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Semblance Makes History As First Nintendo Game Released by an African Studio

Semblance is an intriguing platformer where players deform the terrain to progress and it earned a nine out of ten in our review, with EIC Asif Khan declaring it “Dat Good Good”. Beyond getting one of our highest scores of 2018, the platformer created by Nyamakop and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment has also made history in the gaming industry. Semblance is the first game on a Nintendo console, ever, from an African studio.

Semblance wasn’t originally planned for Nintendo Switch, Engadget reports, but Nyamakop designer Ben Myers and programmer Cukia “Sugar” Kimani felt it’d be the perfect home when the Switch was revealed back in October 2016. Getting Nintendo’s attention was another beast entirely.

“You don’t have reps that live in your country,” Myres told Engadget. “The press that matter are all here. There isn’t a big enough market locally to sell to, so you have to make works to sell to the West, which means you have to go to Western shows and you have to meet Western press. So basically, if you’re not traveling a ton, you’re not going to be able to make it.”

Kimani also spoke with one of South Africa’s 24-hour news networks about the game:

Semblance is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC for $9.99 and it well worth your attention if you’re a fan of platformers. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more gaming and tech news.

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