Hearthstone Wild Open Returns in Time for Wildfest

With Hearthstone celebrating the Wild format over the next few weeks with the upcoming Wildfest, it feels like a great time for Blizzard to rediscover the joy of Wild tournaments. On Wedneday, the publisher announced the return of the Hearthstone Wild Open, which is set to begin next week and run through the end of March.

Sign-ups will run through February 18, with open qualifiers set to run during the periods of February 22-25 and March 1-4. Weekly qualifier winners will then advance to the regional playoffs, which will take place in early March.

Top finishers in the regional playoffs will move on to the Wild Open 2018 Finals, which will take place from the Blizzard Arena on March 31. Those players will compete for a $25,000 prize pool, with $8,000 going to the first place winner.

As exciting as the Standard tournaments can be, there’s something fascinating about all the gloves coming off for Wild. That means old-school Hearthstone decks, like the Renolock deck, the Freeze Mage, the Oil Rogue, and several variations of Dragon Priest are all primed to make a comeback. Shacknews has also been a big fan of the Wild format, most recently chatting with Hearthstone Esports Global Franchise Leader Che Chou about it at the Hearthstone World Championships.

Open qualifier and regional playoff dates for each region can be found on the Hearthstone website.

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Author: Barbosa Souza

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