Mario Kart Tour Continues Nintendo’s Free-To-Start Mobile Model

Looking at the performance of Super Mario Run, Nintendo hasn’t had the desired impact on mobile devices. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks to turn their fortunes around and Mario Kart, a major franchise for the company, will be entering the mobile arena with Mario Kart Tour. Tour should launch before the end of the next fiscal year (so, before March 2019) and an important detail on its structure has arisen. Mario Kart Tour won’t be free-to-play or pay-to-win, it will be free-to-start.

DeNA is a Japanese company that focuses on e-commerce, advertising, and gaming in the mobile industry. The company shifted resources to focus on their partnership with Nintendo in 2016 and Mario Kart Tour will be a Nintendo-DeNA smartphone game, thus connecting the threads that warrant the DeNA CEO confirming Tour information.

Free-to-start isn’t a new designation for mobile games. Super Mario Run had a similar model that required players to pay to access later levels and Pocket Camp encourages some monetary investments in order to skip typical mobile timed event restraints. Does this change your desire to play? Let us know in the Chatty.

Mario Kart Tour Continues Nintendo’s Free-To-Start Mobile Model published first on


Author: Barbosa Souza

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